Experiences in Marrakech - Girls’week ends

Girls’week ends

Girls’week ends

Let it be, Veronique takes care of everything ....

Shopping, hammam, massages, nice little restaurants handcraft places, decorative items, traditional cosmetics, pool, possibility of learning how to make a tagine, some culture in the middle of the trigger, the program will be established according to your desires.

The first day you arrive at the airport in Marrakesh Menara, a driver, waiting for you with a sign "Marhbabikoum" takes you to the riad! Here, you are managed by our chef relaxation: Yassine! Take a quiet mint tea accompanied by krichlates, then you get to your room (rooms for 2 or paying single fee). Depending on the time of your flight, you will or not, have time to start your program, but nothing is arranged in advance for the first day except dinner!
Moroccan Dinner in the riad !

On Day 2, leisurely breakfast in Ryad, then you are managed by an official guide, which will take you on a cultural tour of Marrakesh. Far from the clichés of the basic tourist guide, depending on your level of knowledge of the city, we tailor our output to your expectations! No goals to get you to buy a carpet at all costs! (If you want a rug, say it, we will direct you!). Lunch is not organized, as well as the afternoon until 17h: steam Session, exfoliation and massage! 2 hours just to your right!The dinner is not planned!

On Day 3, breakfast in Ryad, and the morning is aimed at  shopping and best places / private addresses: according to your desires, your possible needs, I put together a schedule and go with you! Lunch and the afternoon are not planned. Dinner at a famous restaurant in Marrakesh, with great food, great music and dancing! (No, belly dancers are not only for the guys!)

On days 4, unfortunately it is already the last day! According to the flight plan, you’re accompanied by our driver at the airport. If your flight is in the afternoon, we will of course advise you of the activities you could do according to your desires !

During free time, you can of course learn how to prepare a moroccan meal with our outstanding cook, learn to make bread, to prepare pancakes Moroccan preserved lemons, or more!

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